Engimov Construções, S.A. began its activity in 2007, promoting its internationalization process the following year. Initially, the European market was the prime target, followed by the African market.

At present, Engimov Construções, S.A operates in countries such as Spain, France, Switzerland, Angola, Republic of Congo and Mozambique. The competitive market and the Company’s Customer requirements called for a new approach to the sector - more modern, innovative and technologically advanced. In the course of Engimov’s growth, it was necessary to strengthen the technical staff with highly specialized employees. The Engimov group has approximately 1200 employees, being 75 highly qualified senior technicians.

In the beginning of 2014, Engimov Universal, S.A. was born, in response to a growing need to support the group’s internationalization process. Engimov Universal, S.A is a trading company engaged in the import and export of several products, with special focus on the equipment and materials needed for various types of construction as well as for hospitals, hotels, agriculture and cleaning services. The company also trade food and hygiene products.

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